Terms and Conditions

A) Service(s) Provided: CaloHost will provide Customer with the Service(s) ordered, as they are described on our website, billing system, or in a custom quote. Customer understands and agrees that CaloHost will host and create the Services solely in accordance with the information provided by Customer. Customer’s agrees to use CaloHost’s Services in accordance this Agreement, including CaloHost’s Acceptable Usage Policy.

B) Customer Support: CaloHost, either directly or through its assignee or licensee, will provide support to Customer relating to CaloHost Services. Any support which CaloHost may provide to you shall be at CaloHost’s sole discretion and once commenced, may be terminated at any time by CaloHost without notice to you and without any liability to CaloHost. CaloHost will provide reasonable technical support via their ticket system to Customer during CaloHost’s normal technical support hours. Notwithstanding any discretionary provision of customer support, CaloHost has no contractual obligation beyond maintaining basic server function. CaloHost will keep Customer’s Service up and functional, and will address Customer support tickets within a reasonable response time.

C) Bandwidth Overage: Going over your allocated bandwidth will result in a Service suspension. Customer is responsible for their Service(s), so please ensure that you secure your passwords and server correctly to avoid any overages. Bandwidth either resets on the first day of the month or at the recurring payment date of your Service, depending on the specific Service. Customer’s Service will automatically unsuspend/re-activate once the bandwidth usage is reset for the month. In order to re-instate Service before bandwidth usage is reset, Customer must purchase additional bandwidth by creating a Service ticket. Additional bandwidth is a recurring Service, and Customer will be invoiced accordingly. If Customer does not want this Service on a recurring basis, it is Customer’s responsibility to cancel the additional bandwidth in a timely manner.

D) IP Change/Blacklist (VPS and dedicated server only): In the event that you receive an IP address that is on a blacklist, you have up to 24 hours from your order date to report it to CaloHost for a change. Any other IP changes after this initial 24 hour period will result in an IP change fee, as stated in our Fee Schedule.

E) Abuse Policy: Customer acknowledges that any prohibited activity as described in CaloHost’s Acceptable Usage Policy may result in immediate cancellation/termination without refund or notice. However, at our discretion, we will generally follow the guidelines below:

  • First offense: Customer contacted; abuse report sent — response required within 24 hours or suspension;
  • Second offense: Customer’s Service suspended; Customer must contact CaloHost to appeal abuse report;
  • Third offense: Customer account closed — all Services will be suspended and terminated.

If the abuse report is from a third party CaloHost may or may not require system logs or other evidence of the incident. However, CaloHost understands that the legitimacy of these reports are sometimes questionable. CaloHost urges Customer to respond in a timely manner so that CaloHost can assess each case before making a decision regarding Termination or Suspension. Third party reports or requests will be subject to our Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy.

F) Affiliate Program: Customers who promote CaloHost’s Services can request to join our “Affiliate Program,” in which qualifying Customers are remitted a portion of the revenue resulting from their promotion of CaloHost. The current default payout rate is 10% with a minimum payout of $10.00 and payments made periodically via PayPal upon withdrawal request by Customer. CaloHost must verify to its satisfaction that Customer legitimately promoted CaloHost’s Services. CaloHost has a strict no-spam policy, Customers who use mass mail or spam to disseminate a CaloHost referral link will be subject to Suspension and/or Termination and forfeit any claim to remittances in connection with the Affiliate Program.

G) Free Offers: Any Services offered for free as part of another plan are intended for use for that Customer’s plan only. Customers who resell/transfer such free Services to others are in violation of this Agreement, and CaloHost reserves the right to cancel the free offer.